Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Flooded Hallway in Commercial Building

This space was a hallway in a hotel in the area that was affected by a broken sprinkler system bursting causing water damage not only on the floors but also on ... READ MORE

Damaged Wood Floors

This suite in a commercial building was affected by water damage that seeped through the wood floor. As you can see in the before picture, there is still standi... READ MORE

Stain fighting CHAMPIONS!

Asking someone to walk with a bowl of cereal across the room and not spill ANY milk is about as likely as it raining $1 bills. Over time, the residue builds up... READ MORE

Dingy Carpet Nightmare!

People often ask us to give them a guarantee - will my carpets look brand new again? Thanks to an industry-tested and approved product line paired with skilled... READ MORE

No Stain Too Tough!

People often wait until the their carpet is super soiled and this local church fellowship hall has seen quite a number of gatherings, leaving behind quite a mes... READ MORE

Courthouse gets a 1st rate makeover!

Local Baldwin County Courthouse experienced quite a catastrophe when a 3rd floor supply line for the break room refrigerator burst over the weekend. Thankfully... READ MORE

Kitchens can be a bear to clean!

No one wants to spend their day on hands and knees scraping grout with a flat head screw driver, but sometimes you have to get down and dirty to really make a d... READ MORE

Red Mud Strikes Again!

Living in middle Georgia has it's own woes from high heat and humidity, to red bugs and red mud. Most are easy to deal with, but one leaves a nasty stain. It ne... READ MORE

Red Mud Disaster!

Never fear! A combination of our unique products and skilled professionals, and there's no mess we can't overcome. This staircase was caked in Georgia Red Cla... READ MORE