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Main Causes of Sewage Damage

1/7/2019 (Permalink)

Sewage damage is one of the most costly and dangerous catastrophes that could happen to a home or business.  Sewage damage to a property can cause irreparable damage to the property's structure, carpeting, padding, furniture, appliances, and personal items. Raw sewage can also contain a plethora of dangerous pathogens, viruses, and bacteria that can spawn major illness in those who are exposed to the waste water.

One of the most frequently asked questions about sewage damage is, How does it happen?  Sewage damage can happen for many reasons. Whether the damage is minor or severe, it is important for property owners to understand that sewage damage restoration must be handled by highly-trained, certified professionals in order to ensure the safety of the property and the people who have been exposed to the raw sewage.

Toilet or Bathtub Seepage

Wax gaskets around the base of a toilet as well as connecting hoses and pipes leading from toilets and bathtubs should be inspected regularly.  Any of these vital pieces can deteriorate or break at any time.  It is recommended by water damage experts to inspect these items on a semi-annual basis at least.  The time invested in checking these important parts of a septic system can save property owners thousands of dollars in the long run.

Bursting, Deteriorating or Broken Pipes

While most water damages involve bursting or broken pipes, some water damage events happen over time without property owners finding out until it is too late.  Deteriorating or leaky pipes can not only cause water damage and mold growth if they are not addressed immediately, but sewage damage can occur as well.

During any water damage event it is imperative for home and business owners to turn the water supply off until a water damage service professional arrives on the scene.

*Tip.  Property owners can monitor invisible leaky pipes by checking their water bill.  Should there ever be an unusual spike in water usage, it is possible that a broken or leaky pipe is causing damage behind the scenes.  This scenario will more than likely require professional mold removal service.  Consult with your water or sewage damage provider to make sure they are certified to handle mold remediation.