Water Damage Photo Gallery

Partnership with Georgia College Marketing Class

Marketing Manager, Ashley Bacon, partnered with senior level strategic marketing students at Georgia College on a capstone project related to community service and stewardship.  A total of 6 weeks was devoted to this project and all three teams did an amazing job.  It's always fun to put your marketing skills to good work!

LCBOR Awards Gala at the Ritz Carlton

Pleased to have sponsored the Lake Country Board of Realtors Awards Gala at the Ritz Carlton.  We snagged a photo with some big winners too!  Always enjoy spending time with our agents and helping them in time of need.

Nobody plans for a burst pipe!

The last thing a homeowner or business owner expects to have is a burst pipe - but all too often, it happens, and when it does - Look Out!  Water can wreak havoc on ANY floor surface and if you're in a multi-floor facility, you're in a world of chaos.  There's a lot to know about water too: Is is clean, gray or black?  How long has it been surfaced?  How are you going to get it dry again?  Water is something we know well - and we can help bail you out of ANY size disaster, be it a small residence or a high rise in the city.  Call us for any size water damage and let our skilled staff do what they're awesome at doing!

Water Damage Tip

Watch Your Water Bill

Your water bill contains vital information about your water usage. Comparing two bills together can help you determine if there is a possibility of a leak in your home. If you see a sudden uptick in your usage without an obvious explanation, such as house guests, you may have a leak somewhere in your home. Finding a leak while it is new and relatively small can help you avoid flooding issues.

Commercial Loss - Let the Experts Handle It!

For business owners, dealing with any fire, flooding, storm damage or vandalism, it’s usually a real nightmare.  Even a week or two out of the market can have a huge negative impact and cause serious business loss.  A quick restoration and reimbursement for the business losses suffered may be essential to the business’ very survival.

SERVPRO at your service - 24/7

In the background you see the steeple of Northside Baptist Church. We were there when they needed us the most when the baptismal flooded the choir loft, choir room, hallways and classrooms.