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6 Common Water Damage Problems Left By Winter Weather

3/3/2022 (Permalink)

frozen pipe Frozen Water On A Drain Spout

As winter slowly leaves, we're ready to welcome a bit of sunshine to our lives. However, it's important to conduct a bit of inspection before you really bid the cold goodbye. Your property can usually bear the brunt of the weather, unfortunately.

For instance, any fixtures that have been overrun with snow and ice can be quite concerning. If you don't clear away these things, you may run into some severe water damage. Try to discover the issues early on and contact restoration services to fix it all.

If you're curious about what exactly you should be looking for, here are six common water damage problems left by winter weather:

1) Frozen Pipes

It's easy to forget that pipes have that much potential to cause such severe water damage to your property. While the cold weather may not cause the line to break, it does freeze any water that is within the pipe.

When water freezes for too long of a time, it's going to break it and cause the water to leak inside your walls. It's a must to thaw it out properly or have restoration experts take care of the mess that awaits.

2) Roof Snow

Winter weather can wreak havoc on many roofs. Snow can be quite a heavy burden on your roof, which can weaken its structural integrity. Plus, the possibility of leaks when the snow finally does melt is a worry that too many homeowners know all too well.

If you're vigilant about repairing leaks, you can easily prevent any water damage from occurring. However, the problem is that leaks are only noticed when it's too late. The water damage will already have happened, and there's nothing left but repairs.

3) Water Heater Leaks

Speaking of leaks, water heaters are quite guilty of water damage when overused in winter. Plus, if you've had a water heater for quite a few years, it's not unlikely that you may have a leak.

When water heaters leak, it's because of a faulty or missing expansion tank. Again, this is easiest to fix when it's noticed early on. If you let it go on for a while, you might just require a replacement instead of a repair.

4) Overflowing Gutters

When you have a lot of snow on your roof, it can cause the water in your gutters to overflow. This can cause your drains to flood due to snow or ice buildup on your housetop. Either way, clear this all away if you're going to prevent serious water damage to your place.

5) Exposed Pipe Lines

If you've got exposed pipelines, you could be in trouble. This is because they're prone to bursting, which is a surefire way to cause some serious water damage. Make sure that you've got all of your pipes covered so that they don't freeze. Prevent both water damage and injury.

6) Ruptured Water Lines

If you've got ruptured water lines, you will definitely have some serious water damage to your property. Luckily, this type of damage is easy to fix, so there's no need to go days without any water. It will require the services of a restoration service, but they'll have the job done quickly.


If you've noticed any of these six water damage problems, don't just ignore them. If you take care of these problems, you can prevent some serious water damage and just get away with a few restoration projects.

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