Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Storm Water

This home was affected by a surplus of storm water that caved in drywall around this shower area. As you can see in the before picture on the left, we had alrea... READ MORE

Sewage Damage in a Flooded Basement

This basement was affected by storm water that affected the entire house above it. As seen in the picture on the left, the majority of the floor is covered in a... READ MORE

It really can rain sideways!

Multiple units in this apartment complex were affected by storm damage. The winds were too strong and the water was pushed in through the bottom of the entry do... READ MORE

Rain Storm Damage

This home received quite a jolt when a tree fell atop the roof from damaging winds caused by a bad storm. The damage to the rooftop of the home was so small the... READ MORE

Storm Cleaning

In this hair salon, a storm was a result of an entire flood in this business. We got to the salon and immediately started performing emergency services. Our dry... READ MORE

Storms can be tricky!

Most damage to a property during severe weather occurs when limbs or trees fall. High winds and saturated soil conditions typical of summer storms can cause tre... READ MORE